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RotoSpa is the UK’s only spa pool manufacturer – designed and built completely in the UK with nationwide support. RotoSpa is committed to buying locally and supporting our local economy. As we have less shipping costs, we have the lowest environmental impact of any spa in the UK market, offering maximum quality at the lowest costs.

The RotoSpa Range

The RotoSpa range are available in a wide variety of colours

Spa Colour

Spa Colour

Light Grey
Spa Colour

Teak Wood Panel Effect

Dark Grey Wood Panel Effect

DuoSpa S080

The DuoSpa S080 is a stylish, affordable 2-3 person spa. Its compact design, smooth finish and flowing lines ensure it will complement your life and garden or patio. It boasts two full-depth naturally reclining positions and benefits from a world-class hydrotherapy system.

From £3545.00

DuoSpa S240

The DuoSpa S240 is an upgrade from the S080 model but with 7 x 3" rotating massage jets, 5 x 3" directional eyeball jets plus 12 x multipoint air injector jets. This is also an affordable 2-3 person spa, which offers so much enjoyment from a world-class hydrotherapy system.

From £4030.00

The Orbis

Whether for relaxation, therapy or just good fun, our Orbis circular spa is outstanding value-for-money. Its contours provide smooth, full depth seating and a generous foot well for the most natural resting position. Superb tub giving the ultimate massage experience.

From £3870.00

The QuatroSpa

The QuatroSpa provides smooth, full depth seating and a generous footwell for the most natural resting position. Whether you're wanting to get the family together, or you want to be the host with the most, the Quatro Spa is renowned for its ability to bring people together.

From £4585.00

The DuraSpa S160

The DuraSpa is our most luxurious and prestige spa. If you’re looking for maximum relaxation and enjoyment our DuraSpa is perfect for after a long day at work, or busy day in the garden. Soft flowing lines with rounded corners provide a shape carefully contoured to provide full depth seating.

From £4630.00

The DuraSpa S380

The DuraSpa S380 is an upgrade from the S160 model but with 5 x 4" adjustable jets, 5 x 3" adjustable jets, 10 x chrome jets, plus 18 x multipoint air injector jets around lower back and footwell areas. It is a comfortable hot tub and offers an ultimate relaxation experience to enjoy everyday.

From £5100.00

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